Thunder & Lightning: Weather Past, Present, Future

A howling wind, a thunderstorm, the beating sun – the force and majesty of nature is revealed through the weather.

In Thunder & Lightning, Lauren Redniss reveals how weather shapes our world and daily lives. She takes readers on a journey from the Biblical flood to the defeat of the Spanish Armada, from the frozen archipelagos of the Arctic Ocean to the ‘absolute desert’ of Atacama, Chile, unearthing surprising stories of savagery, mystery, and wonder. Along the way, she explores the impact of weather on everything from our most personal decisions – Do I need an umbrella today? – to the awesome challenges we face with global climate change.

The result is an uncatagorizable fusion of storytelling and visual art, which grapples with weather in all its dimensions: its past and its future, its danger and its beauty, why it happens, what it feels like, what it means.